Careisma by Sofia Vergara is designed to bring more personality and style to medical apparel. I've always admired nurses and healthcare workers. You represent the best in all of us, working tirelessly to help us through some of the most challenging times in our lives.

Healthcare professionals deserve fashion options that fit their personalities and figures. Careisma is about feeling feminine and being fearless---embracing your funny and sassy side while still being professional. Careisma by Sofia Vergara is meant to be flattering and fashionable no matter what the day brings.

Most of all, I want to thank every healthcare worker for the amazing work you do every day. It has been my pleasure to develop this new brand to honor the dedicated, hard-working professionals who care for, comfort and selflessly give of themselves. Just as you have brightened the lives of so many, I hope this collection will help brighten many days for you.